Soft Strip Demolition and Asbestos Remediation London

With much years extensive expereince in the understanding of safe asbestos removal. We give exceedingly viable support to those who seek our expert help. Asbestos Remediation London provides a specialist asbestos service, that safely and successful removals the hazardous material from the building. We pride ourselves in giving our customers a safe and secure environment. Whether that’s commercial or domestic Asbestos Remediation London cover all aspects of Asbestos removals.

With a fleet of modern vehicles supporting us from our base close to the M25 we are versatile enough to cope with any situation.

We are one of the oldest names in the industry, and have a very diverse clientele including:

  • Domestic and commercial property owners
  • Councils and local authorities
  • Leading insurance companies
  • Blue chip companies
  • Companies from the service industry
  • Hotel chains
  • Consultants
  • Refurbishment companies


Case Studies

Case 1
Insurance, Domestic

A recent emergency call out was to two adjacent domestic properties where a 120 year old tree had been struck by lightening and fallen through the roofs. The insurance companies were aware that the ceiling within the properties contained asbestos materials.

We attended site within 6 hours of the incident, assessed the work to be carried out, and commenced the decontamination of the property the following day. This allowed following trades to carry out the repair and refurbishment works for 2 days later.

Case 2
Service Company, Major Works

We were awarded a contract by a large service provider on one of their high security fresh water pumping stations. The scope of the works was to carry out the removal of asbestos cladding and replace with a sheet steel product. Acting as the main contractor we employed and managed all the associated trades including; scaffolders, cladders, and roofers over a 4-month contract period.

Case 3
Refurbishment Companies, Soft Strip Demolition

A recent refurbishment of a hospital wing necessitated the need for us to carry out the removal of all mechanical and electrical installations including all data cabling, partition and block wall and floor coverings, blinds to windows leaving our client with an empty shell to work with.

The remainder of the hospital was occupied during the soft strip demolition process requiring a mindful approach with consideration for the welfare of the patients.Asbestos Remediation London provide top quality asbestos removal from all building types including roofs, garages and commercial buildings. With our expert team hands on when it comes to removing your asbestos safely and efficiently throughout London. Asbestos Remediation London have many years’ experience and the qualifications needed to deliver a professional service. We pride ourselves in meeting our client’s requirements as well as putting a stop to your asbestos troubles.