Asbestos Removal London

 Over 1000 tradesman die each year from their exposure to Asbestos Removal London and subsequent asbestos related diseases.

Asbestos Removal London can be found in any industrial or residential building built or refurbished before the year 2000. It is in many of the common materials used in the building trade that may be disturbed during refurbishment or demolition projects. Examples of the areas where asbestos may be present or concealed are highlighted on the following HSE link.


Asbestos Removal London

Lenval Limited is a family run business, first established thirty five years ago to assist clients who needed a straight forward approach to any problems involving asbestos. Employing fully trained asbestos surveyors, supervisors and removal operatives, we are able to offer a complete range of asbestos removal services, from the initial investigation and discovery of any asbestos-containing materials through to the remediation/encapsulation or removal of any items found. Asbestos Removal London is dedicated to freeing you of the harmful minerals known as asbestos. With our expert team, we can provide you with an efficient, prompt solution that exceeds your requirements. Asbestos Removal London has the knowledge to guide you every step of the way and ensuring a completely asbestos-free environment throughout London. We have helped a large number of clients with the expelling of undesirable asbestos, in and around London and the South East of England. Our Friendly and experienced team of asbestos experts will advise you from your underlying enquiry directly through to the removal. Asbestos Removals London are committed to riding the world of harmful asbestos. With the extreme health risks faced with the dangerous material. It it is vital you seek professional help effective immediately.

With a fleet of modern vehicles supporting us from our base close to the M25 in Essex, we are centrally located to be able to respond to enquiries in London and throughout the south-east.

Facilities at our Stanford-le-Hope offices include a secure licensed special waste transfer station.


Lenval Limited operate an ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management system and currently possess a three year asbestos removal license from the HSE

Asbestos Removal London

and an Upper Tier Waste Carriers Permit from the Environments Agency. Accredited by CHAS, EXOR, Construction Line and members of ACAD, RESET and the British Safety Council we are qualified and certified to undertake all types of asbestos surveys or removal works.

We have a very diverse clientele including:

  • Domestic and commercial property owners
  • NHS Trusts
  • Councils and local authorities
  • Leading insurance companies
  • Telecoms
  • Hotel chains
  • Consultants
  • Refurbishment & Demolition companies

Asbestos Removal London – Removal & Surveys


Asbestos Removal London

Asbestos Surveys London:

Lenval Limited surveyors are directly employed, fully insured and capable of undertaking either Management or Refurbishment surveys. Our confidential reports detail the locations, type and condition of any asbestos found. Recommendations are given on the course of action with budget costs provided if required. Asbestos Management Plans can be generated from the survey results and can be used to assist the Duty Holder as required under the CAR 2012 regulations.

Asbestos Removal London:

Lenval Limited Supervisors and operatives are directly employed, fully insured and capable of undertaking all types of asbestos removal work.

Romford Brewery Chimney

We were contracted to remove over sixty tonnes of asbestos insulation and expanded metal from the internal liner to the chimney, with the added problem that the waste had to come through an access hole at the base that measured 900mm x 600mm.

The contract was completed in three weeks. (Two shifts per day).

BT Tower

Lenval Limited removed asbestos panels to the external face of the top section of the tower some 571 feet above the London pavement from purpose built scaffolding. A challenging project due to the wind and weather conditions at that height.

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