Liquid mercury also known as Colloidal mercury; Hydrargyrum metallic mercury; Quick silver or Liquid silver and is often contained in sealed glass phials within electrical switch gear.

Mercury is corrosive and harmful if inhaled or absorbed through intact or unbroken skin. It can cause eye and skin irritation and possible burns. Exposure may cause severe respiratory or digestive tract irritation with possible burns and could lead to long term liver, brain and kidney damage.

Lenval Limited have extensive experience in the ability to be able to safely remove, transport and dispose of the mercury containing switch gear.
Our vehicles are equipped with mercury spillage kits consisting of “liquid mercury vapour suppressant, calcium hydroxide and micro-fined sulphur powders” to be able to supress and clean up in the event of an accidental spillage.

Operatives undertaking the works have been trained in the handling of CoSHH products and will wear P.P.E. consisting of; half mask respirators with A1 gas filters, type 5/6 cat 3 disposable overalls, nitrile gloves and safety glasses conforming to BS EN166. Mercury Exposure Measurement badges with direct reading colorimetric gauges will be worn by all personnel involved in the removal of the switch gear. If required, post removal testing can be undertaken by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

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