Window Restorations & UPVC Overhauls

Lenval Limited are experts in the restoration of draughty, rotten wooden windows. Our methods of repair utilise the Window Care system – a proven, sustainable way to repair timber windows without the need for internal access.

Our repairs can be less than half the cost of replacement windows!

Our operatives undergo advanced training on how to use the Window Care System – recognised by local authorities, architects and housing associations for expert technical knowledge and results that impress. We fully implement the recommended methods for repairing timber to give results that last whilst maintaining an impressive standard of quality, finish and durability.

The Window Care System is a sustainable method of repairing windows and external timber. It is a quality approved system with a 10 year guarantee which also extends the life of the paint cycle from 5 to 7 years.

The Window Care System is specially designed for exterior application and formulated to provide durable repairs. We can replace, or repair rotten sills and frames, even replacing glass if necessary, then prime and paint the window to restore it to its original finish. We specialise in upgrades to your original window specification, adding ultra slim double glazing units, or overhauling to prevent rattles and drafts.

Our repairs will restore your windows to their beautiful, durable and traditional original finish, adding value, comfort and security to your home and increasing its value and appearance.


Window Care Dry Seal

The Window Care Dry Seal is a durable alternative to Linseed Oil Putty.  Linseed oil putty is widely used for glazing windows and doors. The putty is inherently brittle and generally shrinks away from the glass.

The breakdown of putty causes early breakdown of paints and is mainly responsible for open joints and in situ wood decay due to moisture ingress.  The Window Care Dry Seal is an elastic glazing sealant which can be used for puttied windows, bead glazed windows and for perimeter sealing.

The Dry Seal is paintable with opaque and translucent wood finishes and is extremely effective against moisture ingress.



UPVC Windows: Repairs – hinges; handles and draughts.

Lenval Limited are highly experienced in UPVC window repair our services are utilised by housing associations, London boroughs and contractors.

Whether its replacing handles hinges or mechanisms to your windows and doors we pride ourselves on value for money maintenance work. uPVC windows can be overhauled and cleaned with very little mess and inconvenience to the residents. The chances are they can be repaired at a fraction of the cost. As experienced specialists in UPVC window repairs we know that in many cases replacement isn’t necessary and we’ll take the steps to repair damaged or worn windows.


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