How Do You Check For Lead Paint?

Here at Lenval LTD, we take great pride in checking and testing lead paint to ensure that your home or business premises are safe for everyone inside them. Not only do we limit our work to just homes and businesses, but we also undertake projects in schools, hospitals and clinics.

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How do you check for lead paint?

How do you check for lead paint? This is one of the most asked questions that we get asked by our clients. Lead can be found in the majority of buildings that are dated pre-1970s. Lead can lead to a variety of serious health concerns, including kidney disease, neurological issues and reproductive issues. Lead can be ingested into your body through chippings of paint as well as dust particles. These risks can be heightened if you do not wash your hands after touching the contaminated areas and then put your hands or fingers on your face or mouth.

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Can I inspect my property myself for lead paint?

DIY lead paint testing is an option, but not the most effective. It is important that you enlist professionals to inspect your property for lead paint. If you undertake the initial testing for lead paint yourself, it is crucial that you get a definitive result from the professionals who are accredited to complete the task efficiently. With an abundance of years of experience as well as an outstanding reputation, all lead paint testing can be completed to minimise the risk of contamination to you and your family.

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What do I do if my property has lead paint?y

Lead paint can be incredibly detrimental if you have it within your property, although typically lead paint was used because it had lots of leading benefits such as durability. Although, if you start to notice that the lead paint within your property has started to deteriorate, this must be repaired immediately. So, how do you check for lead paint and what should you do if your property has lead paint? If you notice your property has noticeable deterioration to the paint and has a lead content that is chipping and flaking, it is crucial that you test for lead as soon as possible. If the test then returns positive, the removal of the lead paint is a priority.

What is involved in an inspection for lead paint?

Here at Lenval LTD, we conduct an array of lead paint surveys, tests and assessments on a wide range of properties. Lead paint surveys and analysis are imperatively important for anybody that is undertaking refurbishment and renovations. From the initial assessment, our experts will complete the inspection from start to finish.

We will visit your property and ensure that we test all surface areas. Typically in older properties, we will test doors, door frames, windows and window frames, decorative wood panelling, skirting boards and dado rails, floorboards and also external shutters. Each of these areas has the potential to contain lead paint. Typically, they will have several layers of non-contaminated lead over the top of them, this is why with our in-depth testing we can ensure to test each layer of paint so that your property is safe and secure for you to live in.

During the inspection for lead paint, our experts will take samples of the paint and either send them for testing in an accredited laboratory or using our handheld XRF spectrometer, both of these styles of testing will give you results as to whether the paint at your property contains lead or not. If lead is discovered within the paint at your property, we have the ability and expertise to safely remove it and dispose of the debris.

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Are there health concerns if a property has lead paint?

Lead paint can cause dire issues for both adults and children. Although, with children, it can cause a wealth of issues as they grow and develop, such as learning disabilities, speech problems, slowed growth, behavioural problems and neurological issues.

With adults, it can cause issues with reproduction. Lead entering the body will typically not cause any instant issues, but over the years the concerns can become more and more damaging. If you have any thoughts about how to check for lead paint, then you should speak to our experts. We are here to minimise risks for those living or working within a property, whilst removing lead paint safely and effectively.

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