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With many properties built before the end of the 1970s, although the lead paint has been removed, there may still be present layers underneath more recent coats of paint, typically older properties have lead paint underneath newer layers of paint which can still be detrimental to you and your family. These properties should be tested and lead paint removal in London should be undertaken. It is common that everyone has heard of the dangers of lead paint, but it is important that these paints are identified and lead paint removal in London is completed.

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When left untreated, lead paint can cause an abundance of dangers to those within the proximity of the property, especially if the occupants are children. Typically lead paint would have been used in both residential and commercial buildings and over the years, discovering the dangers has meant that there are many measures to eliminate them from the properties. In the majority of countries, lead paint is now banned, but for many older properties, lead paint can still be present. Typically, those who are pregnant or younger children will be most at risk if exposed to lead.

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You may notice that the paint either on the interior or exterior of your property is beginning to flake or chip, although not every paint contains traces of lead, the majority of properties built before the end of the 1970s may have lead in the paint. The reason for lead to be introduced into the paint was due to its durable properties. Our team of experts will be able to identify lead paint using either our handheld XRF spectrometer or by sending samples to the laboratory to analyse. If the surfaces test positive for lead paint, then it is crucial that you have an experienced expert to complete lead paint removal in London.

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What to do if you have lead paint on your property

If you already know that your property contains lead paint either on the exterior or the interior, then it is crucial that you contact a team of experts for lead paint removal in London. Firstly, you should clean up any paint chips that may be laying around. This ensures that small children or pets do not ingest them. Avoid children from touching or chewing on contaminated areas. One of the most important factors to remember is painting over contaminated lead paint will not eradicate the problem, it will just prolong the period of time that your family and yourself may be at risk. It is critical that lead paint is removed safely and effectively by a professional.

How to undertake lead paint removal in London?

It is important to completely remove lead paint from the property to ensure that you and your family’s health is not jeopardized. Hiring a professionally certified lead removal contractor is key to promoting good health within your home. Removing lead paint cannot be completed by just anybody, it is important that you do not attempt to sand it down, power wash it off or scrape off the paint, this can aggravate the lead particles and make the airborne, causing irreversible issues for you and your family’s health. Our team of experts will take the safety measures required to ensure the removal is completed safely and effectively. To ensure that homeowners are not at risk, our experts will complete lead paint removal in London and replace it with non-toxic, water-based paint. We will take a cutting from the paint of the surface and ensure that we dig deep to ensure that we have a sample of each layer of paint. This will be tested to check for the lead content within the paint and then removed safely.

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Types of lead paint removal

As many people understand, lead in your body can cause serious damage. Typically, any property built in the pre-1970s would usually have lead paintwork. You will notice that the paintwork is considerably thicker than your standard paint. If you are completing any renovation works, it is crucial that lead paint is removed prior to works being completed. Here at Lenval LTD, we take great pride in ensuring that all lead paint removal in London is completed safely, while ensuring that we do not create any dust during the removal process. Dust can put the surrounding areas at risk of contamination if lead is in the particles of the debris.

Lead paint removal in London can be deemed as a fairly tricky task to undertake, typically the lead paint layers paint may be more stubborn as opposed to lead-free paint. One of the most efficient ways to remove lead paint is by chemical stripping. This is a fantastic option for areas such as windows and doors and hard-to-reach places. Chemical stripping is a fantastic option to save clients time and stress, as well as minimise the damage that removal can cause if they undertake the project themselves.

Alternatively, mechanical stripping is a technique that is typically used for the exterior of buildings. Especially if the area is a large surface. Our experts will wear full protective wear when completing projects to minimise the risk of contamination. Using a technique using wet abrasive paper or on-tool extraction is a safer option than having dust particles released into the air.

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