How Do You Test For Lead Paint?

Lenval LTD is a family-run business who have an abundance of knowledge and a substantial amount of experience in testing for lead paint. With a wealth of excellence and knowledge, we have been helping clients in London and the entire South-East to understand how do you test for lead paint.

We take great pride in offering a fully transparent and trustworthy service to each of our clients, especially when it comes to testing lead paint.

With a team of highly trained specialists, we can ensure to provide an outstanding service. Throughout the entire project from the initial assessment to the removal of such substances, our experts will offer a highly transparent and reliable service, guaranteeing a solution with a copious amount of leading benefits.

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How do you test for lead paint?

How do you test for lead paint? This is one of the most important questions if you own a property, whether that is a home or business, that was built before the late 1970s.

Here at Lenval LTD, we will enlist one of our surveyors who will attend your property and will complete the survey. During this process we will complete a detailed register of lead paint coatings, which will include us taking samples of the painted areas. Once we have collected the samples, we will send them into the laboratory and have them analysed. This will be able to determine whether or not there is lead within the paint.

If an area is not deteriorating, we can offer a service using an XFR spectrometer, which is a handheld device that tests for lead content in paint, without causing disruption to undamaged surfaces.

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What can I expect during the inspection for lead paint?

What can I expect during the inspection for lead paint? This is something that Lenval LTD makes simple for you. We take away the stress and worry of contamination. Within all properties that we complete an inspection for lead paint, we will ensure to assess a variety of finishes. In the majority of period properties areas such as door frames, doors, architraves, skirting boards, dado rails and window frames, as well as original windows and window frames.

Typically, any of these areas would be painted over, over the years, and it is crucial that we analyse the original paint on these surfaces. We will then take a sample from each of these surfaces and send them to accredited laboratories for analysis, or using our handheld XRF spectrometer to complete the testing.

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What are the dangers of lead paint?

If lead paint is left undisturbed, then it is mostly a dormant hazard. Although, when you begin remodelling your property, it can become a serious hazard to those within the property. Ensuring that those within the property are not at risk of contamination is key.

What can Lenval LTD do if lead paint is found?

If lead paint is found within your property it is essential to have all the particles removed safely and securely. Here at Lenval LTD, we offer a variety of solutions to remove the lead paint.

Mechanical Stripping

Typically, this style of removal is used on the exterior of buildings. Lead paint was not always used just for interiors of properties. Mechanical stripping is the perfect solution for larger areas, as well as areas that are easily assessable. Our team of experts will be wearing fully protective PPE to ensure that they minimise the risk of hazards that coincide with lead paint removal. Our team of experts use the most reliable mechanically stripping technology to ensure that they leave you with the most efficient results.

Chemical Stripping

Typically, chemical stripping is deemed to be the fastest way to remove lead paint from your property and can be used for both interior and exterior removal. Although, if the surfaces are on the interior of your property, our team of experts must ensure that we well ventilate the area. For more delicate surfaces such as vintage furniture and windowsills, then chemical stripping with being the chosen option for lead paint stripping. Chemical stripping is also the best option for hard-to-reach areas. Our team of experts will also guarantee to cover other surfaces to minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

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