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Lenval LTD is a family-run business who have been offering lead paint testing in London for an abundance of years. We take great pride in ensuring that all work that we have completed is achieved to the highest standard, while meeting all guidelines and regulations to keep you and your family safe.


Lead paint was typically used in the majority of properties that were built before the late 1970s. This was due to the durability of the paint as well as its resistance to moisture. Both the interior and exteriors of properties built before this time would have had lead paint used on them. Lead paint has now been revealed that it has incredibly damaging effects on both children and adults.

Lead is a toxic metal that can be transferred into the body by either being ingested or in dust particles. If a surface has lead paint on it, it is important that if it is damaged, whether it is chipped or deteriorating, it can be deemed as a serious health risk.

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What to expect with lead paint testing in London?

There are many types of lead paint testing in London. Our style of inspection will determine whether your property contains lead contamination or not. In a perfect world, you will want a negative result. Although, it is common that properties that are dated pre the late 1970s will have a positive lead paint result.

Our experts will conduct a full inspection of your property, if an area is not damaged, then we can use our handheld XRF spectrometer to determine whether or not the paint contains lead, this will not damage the area (minimising the risks of contamination if the area of lead positive) although if the results of the portable testing are inconclusive, then a sample of the paint will need to be taken. If we take a sample of paint, we will remove the sample and send it off to an accredited laboratory. From here, the samples will be tested and a fully detailed report will be provided. The report will determine all of the areas that contain lead so that these areas can be dealt with expeditiously.

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What are the dangers of lead paint?

Both children and adults can be affected by the risks of lead from paint. Although there are some similarities, there are also some differences in risks.

In adults:

– Fertility issues (in both males and females)

– Hearing and vision issues including complete loss of both

– Memory and concentration issues

– Joint and muscle paint

– Damage to the kidneys

– High blood pressure

In children:

– Behaviour and learning difficulties

– Hearing issues

– Headaches

– Bone marrow problems and anaemia

– Neurological issues

Lead can also cause a reason for concern for unborn fetuses. If a mother becomes contaminated by lead, this can pass onto the fetus and cause nerve and brain damage and well as stunt the growth of the fetus. Typically, children under the age of 6 are more vulnerable to lead poisoning, although lead can be detrimental to all ages.

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How do we undertake lead paint testing in London?

By sampling the areas where lead paint may be present, we can minimise the risk of hazards to you and your family. If an area has deteriorated paint, then we can test the area by collecting the samples and sending them to the laboratory.

Alternatively, if there are dust particles built up from the deteriorating areas, then we will collect these as a sample and send them off for testing. Ensuring that we send a detailed report highlighting the hazards that are within your property can help keep you and your family safe and away from risks of lead contamination.

Although when conducting lead testing in London, we take great pride in testing all of the places that lead paint would typically be found, in some cases, we may not be able to test every surface and a full negative report may not be able to be acquired, if this is the case, some homeowners may request a full in-depth paint inspection.

What to do if lead paint is in your home or business?

Lead paint testing in London is crucial so that you can determine if you have lead paint in your home or business. Once you receive your initial positive results of lead paint it is crucial that you clean up any paint chips that are around your property, this can minimise the risk of contamination to your children and pets. Do not allow your children or pets to chew on contaminated areas such as window sills and regularly wipe up dust using a wet cloth or mop. It is crucial that you employ professionals to remove lead paint from your property safely and efficiently.

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