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As a highly-qualified family run business, the experts at Lenval have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of mercury testing and removals. Offering our services to London and the southeast, our loyal clients can expect a thorough and professional approach every time they choose us as their specialists to conduct the tests, risk assessment, investigation and management of any mercury related concerns. We can tell you with confidence whether mercury is present and what the likelihood of it affecting your site and health is. Our goal is to assist clients in managing their sites to successful resolution, via the most efficient means available to them, and the specialists at Lenval always aim for a high-level of customer satisfaction.

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What Is Mercury & Why Is It Dangerous?

Mercury is a naturally occurring element and is one of the most toxic heavy metals in the world. Due to its ability to dissolve other metals and alter their properties, as well as having the lowest freezing and boiling points of any metal, mercury has been a desirable asset over time. Traditionally, the material has been used in many everyday items such as batteries, thermometers, barometers, fluorescent lights and manometers, as well as other devices. It was not until later, however, that the high toxicity of the substance was discovered, when mercury was already present in a large number of consumer products such as medicinal treatments and industrial processes.

Mercury can enter the human body through inhalation, ingestion or through open cuts and wounds and can be found in many everyday materials. If you are responsible for the health and safety welfare of a building and its occupants, it is crucial that you contact the experts to conduct a mercury test and any subsequent remedial work on your site to ensure individuals are protected from possible life-threatening exposure.

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How Can Lenval Help?

As we have become more aware of the dangers surrounding mercury, it is now legislation to implement proper and accurate monitoring protocols to test for the presence of mercury as well as regularly checking air, soil and water for mercury concentrations so as to minimise the risk of exposure. Proper disposal of any found materials is crucial too, and we guarantee that we follow the strict guidance set out by the Environmental Agency to properly dispose of mercury. Our fully trained specialists provide a complete range of services and to advise on all aspects of mercury related problems, including a full testing and removal service. With Lenval, you can be certain that you are receiving a high-quality service – all of our operatives are fully trained and have extensive experience with the safe removal and disposal of various hazardous materials.

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How mercury is treated requires extensive knowledge of the industry and the material itself. From analysis and risk assessments to extraction and treatment of non-hazardous and hazardous materials, you can rest assured that the services that we offer at Lenval are conducted by the experts and we are intent on ensuring your safety and satisfaction at every point of your experience with us.

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